About “Bwana” Byrne

I was fortunate to have gone on a camera safari, which was a life-changing experience, and took many pictures.

Photos by ”Bwana” Byrne

“Bwana” Byrne at African Wild Animal Museum

“Bwana” walking on safari tour

At campsite attempting to shave with electric razor?

Lioness requesting ‘Bwana’ to leave so she can hunt.

Giraffe grazing.

Zebra on the run.

“Bwana” gets too close to elephant mom with baby.

Elephant mom says “I said you were too close!”

Elephant says “‘Bwana’ move it out!”

Bwana” meets Masai warrior.

Beautiful Masai mom.

Young Masai warrior demonstrates in motion spear throwing.

African vulture on the hunt.

Black Rhino looking for trouble.

Leopard napping between meals.

Advice… don’t wake up a sleeping leopard.

Fun and Games with Dave Ireland, our African Safari guide.

‘Bwana’ breaches Fortress Security.

‘Bwana’ peers in on his victim.

‘Bwana’ goes in on the attack.

Dave awakes in time to fend off ‘Bwana’.

‘Bwana’ denies all guilt… and escapes at first light to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Thompson Gazelles, in-flight along with “Bwana.”

Cheetah and ‘Bwana’, the fastest animals in Africa.